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Barrier Solutions, Inc. (BSI) is a manufacturing leader in the innovative application of dielectric welding to the fabrication of PVC geomembrane pond liners, portable water cistern liners, potable water tanks and tank liners.  

Geomembrane liners and potable water membrane tank liners from BSI are normally custom fabricated to your specific tank liner or pond liner needs.  The most common materials that BSI utilizes are 30 mil PVC geomembranes for pond liners and 30 ounce 8130 XR-5 PW® (registered trademark of the Seaman Corporation) membranes for potable water tanks, potable water cistern liners, and potable water tank liners.  When potable water cistern liners, potable water tanks and tank liners are requested, only geomembranes which meet National Sanitation Foundation  (NSF)  Standard 61 are used.

What We Do... general membrane tanks - open top & pillow

Both a self supporting open top tank and an enclosed pillow tank are shown in this photo.  Portable water tanks such as these are designed to serve as water storage at remote sites where water is not normally available.  The self supporting open top tank is designed primarily as a reservoir for a pumper truck used in fire fighting.  The white pillow tank may be designed to fit a truck or trailer and used to transport water to sites where required.  If used to transport water , it must be either full or empty.  When full, it is very stable.  When empty, it can be folded into a very small package.  During use the remaining water level is obvious.


Here are two more pictures of the pillow tank.  This tank is at the top of a mountain, where water is otherwise unavailable.  It is used with a gas powered pump, garden hoses, and sprinklers. to wet down a remote site helicopter refueling and landing pad.  Reducing the dust reduces the turbine blade erosion wear cost.  The pillow tank can likewise be used for fire prevention or fire fighting.  Pillow tanks can be used to hold potable water when constructed of a readily available geomembrane that meets NSF Standard 61 acceptability standards.

Special Membranes

Hazardous waste containment, petroleum primary or secondary containment, potable water containment and some other uses require special membrane types.  These are normally available from certain geomembrane manufacturers; and Barrier Solutions, Inc. is pleased to fabricate them specifically to your design requirements.

Quality Membranes

As you can see, the self supporting open top tank can be used for other purposes. However, Barrier Solutions, Inc. does not design these tanks for use as swimming pools and they should not be used as such.   These tanks are made from high quality long lasting membranes.  They have a long life with little maintenance.  They can be easily and quickly repaired on site if you drive over one with a truck or place it over a sharp object.

Other types of uses:

BSI fabricates pond liners using a 30 mil PVC geomembrane.

 These geomembranes are used for applications in:

*  water storage  *  fire protection reservoirs  *  irrigation canals
*  farm ponds *  fish ponds  *  reservoirs
*  cooling ponds  *  cooling ponds  *  tunnel water proofing
*  storage weirs and dams  *  solar ponds *  floating covers
*  river banks  *  backwash sludge impoundments *  collapsible tanks
*  golf courses  *  aquascapes *  sanitary landfills
*  top covers for landfills *  waste water treatment facilities *  storage of waste products
*  brine storage ponds *  seepage control cutoff walls  *  recreation lakes
*  amusement park lakes  *  boating lakes *  emergency spillways
*  secondary containment  *  underground tanks *  gas stations
*  parking areas *  sewage settling ponds *  oil reserve pits
*  leach pads *  tailing dams  *  sludge drying beds
*  fly ash pads *  evaporation ponds *  mine tailing containment



The limit of uses is the limit of imagination.

When your liquid containment needs include the use of PVC geomebranes in excavations, existing structures, or self supporting tanks contact Barrier Solutions, Inc.  (BSI). We can fabricate or manufacture to your specific design/shape requirements.  BSI uses only the best materials, such as 30 mil PVC.  It is, however, the sole responsibility of the user(s) of these geomembranes to verify the suitability for the application in which it will be applied.

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